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Enterprise spirit: hard work, harmony, development, innovation
Enterprise values: dedicated responsibility, respect for trust, integrity code, collaborative sharing
The president said: together with the development of working life electrical Huashen people. We are full of wisdom, strong faith, full of passion. We face the challenges, the courage to innovate, the pursuit of excellence
The more, with sweat out of the extraordinary performance, in return for the vast number of consumers, investors and the entire community to give trust and support. We are united, selfless and fearless, brave
Straight ahead, many of the beautiful ideal into reality and possible.
We are the soul is Huashen electrical appliances, Huashen create brilliant source, is considered one of the core competitiveness of Huashen electric ho. Huashen electric appliance with a broad mind to accommodate 100
Sichuan, the Huashen people gather together, burst out the incomparable strength. Huashen potential very influential, invincible!
Let us look forward to the age of empires, Huashen electric!!!
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