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Service concept: customer first, dedicated to make you rest assured, enjoyable, heart
Quality policy & product safety policy
Compliance with compliance, and continued to provide customers with safe, healthy and satisfactory products.
Obey the law: comply with the laws and regulations, legal production and operation
Standards: products meet the standards and regulations of the sales (safety, EMC, energy efficiency, radiation, Rohs, etc.)
The safety: the product safety in the first place, to ensure customer safety, is the most important social responsibility of the enterprises
Health: the customer must be assured, there is no leakage of poisonous and harmful substances or harm the mutation satisfied: product characteristics should be in addition to, but also to meet individual customer requirements, including customer service, service quality benchmark for quality first is the mission, and do:
1, design to avoid bad
2, poor management control
3, to eliminate bad
Quality Assurance
The company is independent of the quality assurance department of the manufacturing department, using the "preventive" and "check" of each link to carry on the quality control. The quality control of the production process is strictly in order, every batch of IQC inspection when the parts are in the factory. The perfect quality management system and good quality awareness of employees, effectively ensure the quality of the company's advantages, products out of the box pass rate of more than 99.9%, and through ISO9001 international quality system certification.
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